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I am a Sydney based artist with a multi-disciplinary practice concerned with people and relationships. Since 2017 I have been coordinating projects that use mural painting as a way to build community. Each work is site specific and is made in collaboration with the people surrounding the mural site. Some show the history of a site or convey stories and relationships, others address particular issues I believe in. These projects involve extended periods of research as well as building relationships with various groups. Sometimes community volunteers also help me paint the walls.

I hold a Masters of Research from the Victorian College for the Arts and Music and lectured there from 2010 -2018. During this time I received an Australian Postgraduate Award scholarship and was awarded the KPMG tutorship award. My work has been widely exhibited in institutions around Australia and I have painted many large-scale public artworks and numerous private commissions within Sydney over the past 4 years. In 2017 my mural ‘Shelter’ was awarded first prize in the Wall2Wall competition. In 2018 I was awarded an Inner West Arts and Culture grant and in 2019 I was commissioned to create work for the Inner West Edge Newtown and Edge Ashfield festivals creative program. In the last 12 months I have been awarded a City of Sydney Creative Fellowship, a Northern Beaches Grant and a City of Sydney Matching grant to develop large community focused mural projects. Inner West Council also commissioned me to present a mini mural festival and an artwork for the Newtown Artseat.

2022 will see me developing a series of biodiversity focused murals and undertaking a community focused residency in Woollahra.



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